Conditions of Privacy Policy

Last update: June 30, 2018.

The responsible organization for the use of personal data is "Women's News" (the "website") that is controlled by DALS FZE. (“we”, "us" or "our").

Why and for what purpose do we collect this data?

The objectives of using anonymous identifiable info and data are as follows:

  1. 1. To operate our website’s content and performing a statistical analysis, we use identifiable data such as IP addresses.

    We get access to these data:

    • Thru cookies.
    • Thru software to measure results on the activity of our site.
    • To quantify which notes / news / articles are successful and which have failed.
    • To determine our site’s weaknesses and optimize (optimizing) its usability.
  2. Data such as name or designation (username / login) and user’s email addresses, is used to send news about interesting articles on our website. Users always have the possibility to cancel their subscription from said info and consents.
  3. Sharing with us said info, users help us to improve our contents. In an automated way, we carry out an investigation to determine our subscribers’ preferences. We develop high quality services and modify our website according to received info.

    Other purposes of using personal info:

    • Once users subscribe to our website, we can use their emails to notify them of something.
    • The data obtained from users’ requests, consultation and claims, is then used to give a prompt answer.

* If users accept our privacy policy and provide authorization, then we can access, collect and use all the necessary info that you (the user) voluntarily provide us in accordance with law. You (the user) have authority to disallow our website or cancel (canceling) the authorization you have made before.

What personal data do we collect?

Only info provided by users is collected. Data is obtained from website visits and anonymous info provided by user, which access the site. Users cannot be identified with the following data:

  • IP address info.
  • Browser or operating system.

In addition, if you wish to log in or register on our website, it will be necessary to provide us with some info by filling out a form on a voluntary basis, such as:

  • Login (name or surname).
  • Day, month and year of birth.
  • Email address.
  • Gender.

This info is only needed for subscription purposes, and it will be not exploited in the future. Personal data will never be shared with third parties. Data provided will serve to customize our services according to users’ needs.

* As a suggestion, never use real name or surname as a username (login), because this info can be seen by other users when you share a comment.

Privacy of personal data of children

Only children over 16 years of age can enter the website "Women's News" and its (their) contents. According to Civil Code, children are under the authority of parents or guardians until they reach the age of majority. We cannot use and do not use the info of minors without the consent of their parents or guardians.

Before accessing our website, the child who is under 16 years must request access permission.

Tools and systems used to collect info

Info such as name / email won’t be shared without prior notice of the use of this data. Only websites controlled with DALS FZE can use this info.

Web analytics tools are used to improve contents’ quality and measuring the success of articles. The use of metrics also allows us to improve accessibility and usability.

The following tools are used to make improvements on our website:

  1. Google Analytics. A powerful tool that handles a lot of data related to our website at the same time and generates reports that help developers to create better contents to catch the attention of users on the web.
  2. DoubleClick for Publishers. An advertising management tool that shows ads that can be interesting for each user. Also helps to avoid repeating the same ads every time a user accesses to our site.
  3. Facebook Analytics. This metric resource provides us with info that shows what platform is used, different devices, and demographic data. That statistics platform analyzes a website through the pixels.

None metric tool handles information than hasn’t been previously shared by users. All users can withdraw their consent to see certain ads. This featured is controlled by Google privacy policy. We are not responsible of how any other website handles private info. Be sure to read all instructions from all resources we use to improve our contents.

Cookies policy

DALS FZE uses cookie info to offer users the most appropriate publications and news according to their habits. You can see all the necessary info in our Cookies Policy.

How does the metric system work?

Analytics programs don’t use any info that hasn’t been previously shared by users. These resources only reach the info that helps optimize our site’s operation. Metric tools only use cookies that provide the navigation data, the time of the visit to the website and where the access point is. We use this type of info because we want you to see only the ads with the relevant info for you.

You also have the possibility to share more info about you with these metric systems, if you consider it necessary in accordance with legitimate business purposes. The system will use all the additional info that does not determine your personality to quantify data to develop the web content that we have already explained.

Your legal rights on our website

In compliance with the provisions of Regulation 2016/679 of the European Parliament and the Council of April 27, 2016, you (the user) will be entitled to enjoy all the benefits, already established, related to the use of your private info, namely :

Right for info:

Every user has the right to request personal info from the NATIONAL DATABASE REGISTRY, by telephone, face-to-face or web page; in order to know the existence of files, banks or databases, the use that is given to them, responsible for said info and their legal address.

Our company recognizes that the right to access the info is one of the expressions of freedom and, we will not oppose supplying the requested info as long it complies with the requirements established in the law.

Right for access:

You (the user) will have the right to know the present data in our database and the way in which they were obtained. You can also know for what purpose we used these data and what type of data we used to process them and the identity of third parties to whom we disclosed said data.

If you want to contact us, do not hesitate!

In this Privacy Policy of our website "Women's News" we have mentioned all kinds of info about the use of your data. If you have any objection, observation, suggestion or supplement to our Policy, you can contact us by sending a short note to our email: [email protected]

* We recommend you to write us first if there is any problem so that we can introduce changes and take into account all your suggestions, demands and offers.

Changes, modifications and adjustments to the Privacy Policy

From time to time, we can adjust our Conditions of Privacy Policy in order to update the obsolete data. We also update the info due to changes in the law in accordance with the Network's Privacy Policy. We will inform you of all changes and updates we make.

Another way to contact us is to send a letter or request to:


Creative City, FUJAIRAH, UAE

PO Box 4422